Project Management

CESELSAN Machine is moving conscious of project works inevitable for founding determined and faultless working plants.

In the direction of costumers’ demands, based on our project crews’ obtained data, from where plants or machines will be installed, we realize feasibility study and in the end of this process required project studies are enforced.
Our studies are completely computer supported, they are prepared, using  Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, E-Plan programs. In this level again applied customers’ ideas.

In the end of these processes, after constituting details about project, pass the producing level.

Modelling & Production

Providing the quality in production and manufacturing the production just in time are two important elements in the production stage.
Productions are manufactured in rich and high technological machine park by experienced technical personnel. Production stages are executed with technical pictures, which are prepared in 3d environment by computer support. So all products can be produced determined standards.

Lastly, parts, which are completed in different departments, come to assembly line and in here consigned to the quality control department.


 Not only our machines, but also our after-sale services show our difference.

While CESELSAN Machine always foregrounds costumer pleasure, he shows same sensitivity after-sales. In this extent our services are priceless. So you can live the quality not only in products but also after-sales.

Our costumer-focusing after-sales services’ aim is continue the leadership about customer pleasure. With this aim our organization always invests in behavior and technical educations and expert human resources for increase upkeep, repair quality.

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