Roasting Line

Roasting Line


Ceselsan Machinery Inc. offers new technology to minimize energy and your processing costs in frying processing technologies. By this technology, it outperforms its competitors that offer unwanted and high costs in their machines. With Nuts Frying Line (CS-FRY25), we offer you the highest quality production service by minimizing trans-fat formation with the most ideal combustion, efficient frying and continuous micronized oil filtering system, at the same time saving energy, time and manpower.

Ceselsan Machinery delivers to you the final turnkey of an environmentally friendly frying technology by this processing and vegetable oil. By Nuts Frying Line (CS-FRY25) technology, which it produces, guarantees to support you with all the recipes and processes of its technology with its experienced expert team from the first to the last moment of the process.



This system, which has controllable heating and uninterrupted raw material feeding, enables many raw materials that can be fried in oil to be fried with suitable processes. We are preparing the most ideal processes of preparative process, preparing for frying and frying of corn, especially considering the density of corn and nuts. We offer the technology to make the frying process hygienic and safe by immersing the processed raw material. The whole process is taken under control for the continuity of the continuous oil filtering process.


Our company, which prioritizes energy saving and environmentalism, has minimized the amount of waste generated in the process. Our product development center continues its research & development (R&D;) and Innovation and working on solution that can work, produce for years and saving as well as providing you with our experience and support in control of the following areas such as tanks, chimney control systems, hoods, waste oil.

We are happy to offer our innovative frying systems with many innovative aspects.

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